Moving Tips

Top Ten Moving Tips

1.Start packing early

Packing takes a long time and is more difficult than many people assume. By starting early, you’ll avoid a frantic rush at the end. You’ll also be more organized for the movers. Also, try to book the appointment or move as soon as you know the date your aiming for. Schedules fill up closer to the moving date. If you wait to the last minute to book the company you want may not be availability!

2. Downsizing your stuff

Go through your belongings and decide what you need. Keep the stuff you need and donate the rest. Movers charge by weight or time for example, so you save money by lightening your load and you also save time by not making the movers not have to deal with knick-knacks and miscellaneous items. Make sure all your items are packed!

Start early and you may need to go through your items several times. The 1st day you go through throw away any unwanted items or furniture. I’m sure you will have a lot of it. A day or 2 later, do it again with an even more critical eye. Make sure to pack anything you are keeping an actual box for the movers.

You may even have enough extra stuff to host a garage sale before you move, and that could save you money on your move.

3. Label everything

Don’t just label each box a room. Try to be as specific as possible when labeling the boxes. One it gives the movers and idea of what they’re picking up and if the items are fragile or not and where to place them in the truck. Two it makes the unloading easier when you don’t have to tell the movers where every box goes.

4. Pack one room at a time

Pack one room fully and then move on to the next. If you take a scattered approach, you’ll end up with jumbled boxes containing items from different rooms. This will be much more confusing to the movers during the load and unload and could result in possible damaged items.

5. Properly pack and protect your items

Put small items in small boxes and put those small boxes into a bigger box. If you don’t combine them into a larger container, small boxes have a tendency to get lost or damaged. It also makes the load or unloads process that much quicker and easier.

6. Protect your valuables

Take any personal financial information and important papers with you on your person. This will help you avoid identity theft and avoid the inherent hassles that come with replacing essential documents. Also, I would suggest keeping all jewelry and high-value items on your person or anything of extreme importance or value. This extends into tip number 7. this is so important.

7. Transporting valuables

Most moving companies would rather not put any highly valuable items on the truck. Take some time to figure out how to transport your valuables. You may want to investigate obtaining expanded moving insurance through the carrier or a third party. This may increase the cost of your move significantly depending on the value of the contents being moved or transported.

8. Moving essentials

Have a designated box for essential items. Make sure the well-marked essentials box is the last one loaded onto the truck, such as food and necessities. Put the stuff you’re going to need first in this box or boxes also. For instance the coffee maker kitchen items, toiletries, and cable boxes.

9. Keep track of all you’re furniture and possessions

Make a list of every item and box that goes on the moving truck. Also, take pictures of the furniture and items before the move. You can even make an inventory list of what you pack and boxes and label and number the boxes as well. This will prevent any disagreement if there is damage to any furniture or any items are missing. It is the company’s responsibility and also yours to keep track of your possessions and make sure the damage was not previously on the items. This may lead and to issues. Protect yourself!

10. Other packing tips

Try to think about what items need to come off first if there are two locations. Those items would need to be packed in the truck last. This will save time and money.

You can also use household material and items to protect furniture such as blankets and cardboard boxes work great. Make sure your conscious of how the truck is packed and put glass and TVs between mattresses. The tighter you pack the truck the less your item shift and move around. Try to put boxes and heavier items closer to the front.

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